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Corals are saved using 3D printing

Hong Kong is not only a bustling center of business, but visitors can also discover rich wildlife on its shores. Global warming is endangering native coral species here, but an innovative solution can help them survive.

Even though the coral species living here are more resistant to the effects of global warming than many of their counterparts, they have also felt the negative effects of previous extreme weather events on the seabed. As a solution, scientists made clay tiles imitating the structure of corals with 3D printing, and placed them on the seabed last summer.

Results are encouraging so far: the tiles are inhabited by corals and researchers have also sensed the appearance of numerous species of fish and other marine animals, which is very encouraging for the future. Researchers say corals living on tiles have much better chances of survival than they would without them. Check this video to see the results they’ve achieved.

Forrás: Euronews

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