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The first 3D-printed house of the Czech Republic designed for the water

Self-sufficient, can be made within 48 hours for half the construction costs of a traditional house, while also keeping CO2 emission at a minimum: this is what the Czech Republic’s first 3D-printed house can offer, which was designed by a sculptor on top of it all.

The Czech sculptor Michal Trpák known for his visionary ideas and construction company Stavebni sporitelna Ceske sporitelny belonging to Erste group joined their forces to bring the concept of house building to a whole new level and to create the first house of the Czech Republic made entirely with 3D-printing. 

Trpák has already been a huge fan of concrete for its easy formability. In addition to his sculptures, objects and furniture, he already designed entire buildings, but the house called Prvok is his first project made with 3D printing.

The little house with a total floorspace of 43 square meters can be made within 2 days – more than seven times faster than an average building. The almost miraculous speed is a result of the Scoolpt robotic arm, working with a 15 cm per seconds print speed. 

According to the designer, the house is suitable to accommodate a family of two with its two rooms (kitchen plus living room, bedroom) and bathroom. The building was designed for a pontoon floating on the water, with largely self-sufficient solutions. The printed house also comes with a re-circulation equipment and a green roof.

Source: designboom

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