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AG Design Agency | Levantes Family Farm

Pastel colors and lovely, story-telling characters. The Greek AG Design Agency created a Red Dot award-winning visual identity for the Levantes Family Farm family business. Let’s see the details.

AG Design Agency’s motto „Creating brands that are truthful, innovative and beautiful” sums up the essence of the new visual identity of Levantes Family Farm quite well.

Levantes farm is a small family manufactory in Greek, on the island of Evia, where they produce extra virgin olive oil every day. Each and every member of the family has a precisely determined strategic role in creating the premium quality oil. The visual world of the identity designed by AG Design Agency grasps this unique operation exactly.

The brand identity and communication created by the agency puts the value of working together and the members of the family into focus. So that they could get an insight into the everydays of the brand, AG Design started interviewing the family members on day one of their cooperation. The packaging designs displaying the family members were made as a result of this work, presenting the task of each person on an average working day. This way, we can witness scenes where Mr. Kyriakos is plowing the field, or where Markos is separating leaves from olive carefully.

Come and get to know the products of Levantes Family Farm, and don’t forget to check out the new website of the brand.

Branding: AG Design Agency
Creative Direction & Design: Alexandros Gavrilakis
Illustration: Virginia Andronikou
Copy: Olympia Aivazi
Photo: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

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AG Design is a multi-disciplinary design agency working primarily on the image and branding of various local or international small and medium enterprises, startups and educational institutions. They believe that successful branding requires a brand message created in the simplest and most effective manner possible.

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