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Micromonumental Mapping | Light art online

One of the most exciting out-turns of the pandemic is how art creations moved to the virtual space. Now we present you the work of light art creative group Limelight originally created for the opera house in Lille, and finally ending up on the screens.

Limelight is a creative group of light artists who have been creating 3D projection artworks and light installations, a combination of storytelling and 3D visuality for over 15 years. Owing to their vast experience gathered in projection mapping, the group is in the forefront of 3D light art scene. 

They worked on a large-scale project for April this year: they designed a light art creation for the opera house in Lille, supposed to be presented in the framework of a light festival. But then again, the same as in the case of many other events, the virus came along. 

However, the artwork was already completed, and Limelight didn’t want it to go to waste. Therefore, they created a 1:40 3D model of the building an presented their animation on the miniature, broadcasted on Facebook and YouTube. The result was still very impressive in 40x reduction, through the screens. 

Limelight | Behance |  Facebook | Instagram

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