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Záridő photo competition | Laboratory Group

Laboratory Group launched their “Záridő” (meaning ‘shutter speed’, but literally translated as ‘lock time’ – the translator’s comment.) photo competition on April 27, inviting participants to capture what the situation brought about by the pandemic means to them.

In the current situation caused by the coronavirus, we spend more time at home, we slowed down, and live by new rules. The pandemic has changed many things in our lives and everydays. 

We keep distance from each other. We don’t sit down next to strangers on the bus, that is, if we get on the bus at all. If someone walks towards us on the street, we cross over to the other side of the road. In the shops, we wait for the person before us to choose what they want and only step to the shelves once they have left.

We wear masks and gloves on the streets, and we always have hand sanitizers on us. Our hands are dry because of all the hand washing, but it doesn’t matter, because we don’t shake hands any more and don’t get in contact with other people. 

We can’t visit our parents, grandma or the rest of the family. There are no birthday bashes, concerts, we can’t grab a beer with our friends, we can’t go out to the playgrounds with our children, we can’t hang out in parks and can’t discuss the matters of life while having a coffee with a friend. 

The cinemas are all closed down, and so are restaurants where we would sit in to wind down after a stressful working day – and a working day also has a completely different meaning, because we don’t even notice when they start or end at home.

“This is a period in our lives that we are going to remember for a long time and it will leave a lasting impression on our behavior. To that end, I consider it important to document the changes taking place in ourselves and our environments for posterity. This competition is virtually a self-observation about the stages of post-traumatic stress” – told us Alex Szénássy, the owner of Laboratory Group.

In their “Záridő” photo competition, Laboratory Group invites people to show what this new situation means to them. What is different, what has changed, why is it interesting, and in general: what is it like? Naturally, the organizing agency also asks the participants to be careful when taking the photos and to take care of themselves and others. 

The projects submitted will be evaluated by a professional jury.

President of the jury: 
Gábor Máté, photographer, assistant professor, MOME

Additional jury members: 
Orsi Ajpek, photo reporter, Index
Zoltán Beck, 30Y, assistant professor, University of Pécs
Krisztián Grecsó, author, poet, songwriter
Sándor Haszon, new business creative director, Laboratory Group
Gábor Arion Kudász, photographer, assistant professor, MOME
Petra Tóth, creative director, Laboratory Group

The winners of the competition will receive iCentre (Apple Premium Reseller) gift cards in the amount of 200,000, 100,000 and 50,000 Forints and the photos awarded and recommended to be exhibited will be showcased on the website of Laboratory Group, as well as their Facebook and Instagram page.

The competition was launched on April 27, 2020 and projects may be submitted until May 22, 2020. You can apply and vote at the zaridofotopalyazat.hu website, and the winning projects will also be exhibited here on June 12. The organizer will inform winning creators in separate e-mails about the results.

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