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Creatives in quarantine | Recommended by the editors of HYPE – Music

HYPE’s editorial staff also went into home office mode. And although this form of life is not completely strange to us, we miss the usual office get-togethers (having coffee or lunch together) quite much. And what are we, editorial staff members doing at home, confined within four walls? We scribble, work out, water our flowers and listen to some music. 

Now we asked the members of the staff the following question: 

Your favorite music, playlist or album that helps you get through these days:

I collect vinyls, so it’s possible that I will rediscover the albums in my collection that I only put on rarely, beyond Led Zeppelin.

The vinyl collection brought home by my paternal grandmother from the United States. Donna SummerEarth Wind & Fire and the others. Dance, dance, dance!

My own playlist. The name is not too fancy, but it serves its purpose: „coast2coast. Old school and 90s hip-hop, from the East and the West Coast, with some detours to Berlin. It’s the best in the car, but if I close my eyes (which I don’t normally do while on the road) I could be driving anywhere.

I am not a very committed music fan, I love music, but most of the times I only play a playlist on Spotify, or listen to the tunes of a band on repeat: for example, our whole editorial crew is fully hooked on the music of the boy band Carson Coma consisting of boys around their early twenties, offering a divine musical and visual world. We can’t get enough of it.

I have a trait that I try not to listen too much of my favorite music so that I don’t get bored of them. I rather listen to radios while in home office: at fip.fr, I can choose from several genres depending on my mood: I can listen to some electro if I’d like to perk myself up, jazz if I want to slow down, and world music if I want to lift my mood. African jazz can calm me down usually.

This is hard, but Kornél Kovács’s Stockholm Marathon” always cheers me up.

As I am completely hooked on the „I am not okay with this” series, I will most likely listen to its soundtrack. I prefer working in silence, I have always worked this way, but luckily my colleagues in the office always make sure that I get to know new music. Last time, for example, I got to know who Kalkbrenner was…

If all time favorite, I must go with Massive Attack „Mezzanine”. But I’m still very much under the influence of “The Young Pope”, so I warmly recommend the soundtrack of the series, too!

May it be about office get-togethers, voluntary quarantine or home office, we still bring you the coolest design content. Take care of yourselves and each other!

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