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Czechs can mourn their pets in a mirror-covered bunker

Pets are cremated under unorthodox circumstances, in a concrete bunker near Prague at the former Drnov Air Defense Site from the Cold War.

The pet crematorium called Věčná loviště, meaning Eternal Hunting Grounds, is more like a work of art. At the suggestion of the Czech Petr Hájek Archtiekti, the concrete façade of the bunker is covered with small hexagonal mirrors on a surface more than six meters high and eleven meters long. Built into the scenery, the huge mirror wall merges with the surrounding trees and the untouched landscape; it takes us to another dimension, sort of like a mystical window. It reflects the blurred image of the people standing in front of it, symbolically alluding to the past and mortality.

Věčná loviště | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Petr Hájek Architekti | Web | Facebook

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