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It feels like smoothing out our clothes with bare hands | Orbit

A small, compact and colorful iron controlled by a mobile app for the fans of traveling: meet Orbit, the concept of which was developed by industrial designers Ádám Miklósi and Kristóf Koczka with their usual sophistication.

The designer duo has already worked on several projects in the past few years, and always in great harmony. Both of them are passionate about industrial design, and, as a result, they can implement extremely intensive design processes effectively in a short time. “We are, in effect, completing each other’s ideas and both of us contribute our own experiences to the end result. And we watch a lot of Totalcar videos in breaks,” Ádám told us.

Earlier this year, they decided to better elaborate a few previous ideas that have been stuck in the drawer for some reason. They ended up choosing Orbit, amongst others, the first version of which was designed by Ádám for a professional challenge announced on Instagram—this is what they decided to take to another level with Kristóf.

The aim of the concept of the experimental smoothing iron based on the analogy of hand tools is to allow users to iron their clothes in small places, even on the bed of a hotel room. The structure consisting of a triangle and a cylindrical object lies conveniently in our hands from several directions, thus allowing us to use it in any direction. 

“It feels like smoothing out our clothes with bare hands,” Ádám commented.

Even though the appearance of irons has not changed a lot over the past centuries, Ádám and Kristóf were happy to experiment with its form, focusing on its specific use. They designed a heat-resistant silicon cover for the tool, which can be snapped on the bottom of the iron while traveling, and which also doubles as a tray during use: we can lay the tool on top of it comfortably while flipping the piece of clothing.

The unique iron comes without buttons: due to its reduced size on the one hand and for improved user experience on the other hand. Based on the received feedback, the majority of iron-users only adjust temperature on rare occasions, which is particularly true for Orbit’s target group (regular travelers in their twenties and thirties). They do so out of habit, on the one hand, and also as a result of using clothes made of similar fabrics and the fact that not many people do actually read handling manuals. This is why the designers decided to integrate all settings into the Orbit App: an application designed to set the users’ ironing habits.

“We thought it was unnecessary to burden both the user and the aesthetics of the product with function buttons and pictograms. With the app, however, we can educate our users in a playful manner,” Ádám told us.

Orbit is currently only a speculative concept, its level of elaboration is still far from that of a product ready for series production, yet we can’t wait to take this innovative smoothing iron boasting fresh colors and forms to our trips in the future.

Ádám Miklósi | Web | Behance | Instagram
Kristóf Koczka | Behance

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