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Denmark is building a wind power hub in the North Sea

The Danish government plans to build the world’s first wind power plant on an artificial island, which will be able to provide three million European households with energy.

Denmark plans to switch exclusively to green energy by 2050—they also aim to discontinue oil and gas extraction in the North Sea the same year, and they’ve already announced that no such new investment can start in the future. The country’s ministry of climate, energy, and utilities have announced that, as part of the green initiative, they’re building a 120 thousand sqm artificial island, which will give place to a wind power plant.

“The energy hub in the North Sea will be the largest construction project in Danish history. It will make a big contribution to the realization of the enormous potential for European offshore wind,” added the Danish minister for climate, Dan Jørgensen. By building the world’s first energy center with a potential capacity of 10 gigawatts, Denmark significantly contributes to the promotion of renewable energy not only in their own country, but also by supplying their European neighbors.

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