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Dream house carved into a windswept hillside overlooking the Aegean Sea

This house in Greece brings about a perfect combination: its owners can enjoy the freedom provided by the view of the endless blue sea from a safe shelter protected from the strong winds.

Built on Serifos Island, this house takes us back in time or rather takes us out of it: the cave-like structure carved into the hillside looks as if it has been a part of the landscape for thousands of years. In reality, construction works started in 2018 and were completed in 2020 based on the designs of Mold Architects.

Instead of building it on top of the sloping land, they carved a rectangular grid structure into the hill, giving the impression of a three-dimensional chessboard due to the alternating open and closed segments. The longitudinal walls of the house are sturdy and solid, while the transverse façades are much lighter as they’re made of glass—allowing the owners to enjoy the vista of the Aegean Sea lying beneath them from all points of the house.

Source: DesignMilk

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