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Dressed in nature

The quarantine mood keeps fading away, and we are slowly starting to get back to our normal daily routines. However, some good things turned out from the isolation, too: we baked a bread perhaps for the first time, we cooked our first soup, and we started gardening, growing plants and paying more attention to our direct environment. Printa launched their new capsule collection, drawing on the stay-home period. Here it comes!

The colors and shapes of the collection titled HERBS were inspired by gardening at home. The light, soft and comfortable pieces of clothing and other accessories are available in earth tones and are complemented by graphics displaying herbs. Rosemary, sage, basil, mint and thyme appear in the vague, abstract graphics on the T-shirts, dresses as well as the wall graphics and pillowcases complementing the collection. 

I wanted to incorporate plant motifs into the collection, but not in the usual way. Herbs surround us, this is how I came to think about how they could have a fresh effect by making us think of their aroma and flavors. I simply went out to the garden, took a branch and sketched it. It was important that the graphics be made quickly to preserve their effortless look“ – explains Zita Majoros on Printa’s blog.

Not only does the new collection sneak in the atmosphere of nature into our wardrobe, it incorporates it into our homes, too: the HERBS capsule collection also contains linen placemats, napkins, waffle dish cloth and a rosemary-patterned apron made of cotton or linen.

The collection also includes a large blanket made of cotton waffle material, which can be used as a bath towel, a bedspread or a blanket for picnics. And if we were to go out to do some grocery shopping, we can also get our hands on the linen shopper with plant motifs.

The team of Printa also designed a wide-brimmed jute-cotton hat and a garden belt with pockets for garden-lovers.

To make the concept complete, the product and model photos were all shot in an intimate environment, in Zita’s home.

If you’d like to purchase some new accessories or would like to freshen up your wardrobe, the pieces of the HERBS collection are now available at the online store of the brand. We would also like to recommend Printa’s latest Scribbles and stones collection, some pieces of which can be purchased at a discounted price.

Photos: Zita Majoros, The Hungrians

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