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The most beautiful observation points in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

The main characters of today’s selection are observation points: they are exciting subjects, offering a direct connection between nature and man-made structures. In addition to creating a dialogue with the environment, designing an observation point poses a number of challenges for designers, as structural stability, proper use of materials, and timeless construction are all important.

Meaningful panorama | Devínska Kobyla, Slovakia

The lookout tower at the highest point of the Little Carpathians, Devínska Kobyla, is more than just a tourist attraction. The lookout tower, inaugurated in 2020, is located on the border of three countries. The symbolic meaning of the panorama, which opens onto the territory of the three countries, is echoed on the levels of the observation terraces at three different heights on the structure.

Images: Tomáš Manina

Old and new meeting in Mátra | Galyatető, Hungary

The Galya lookout tower, inaugurated in 2016, has claimed its place in our selection deservedly. The renovation of the lookout tower, built in 1934 on the National Blue Trail route, became necessary in 2015. The original stone-clad part of the building was elevated with an exposed concrete addition. The new lookout tower also houses three bivouac quarters.

Images: Tamás Bujnovszky, Márk Tassy

Rhythmic dialogue | Poznań, Poland

One of the main aspects of the project was to harmonize the shape and surroundings of the lookout tower. The steel structure of the building, built on an equilateral triangle base, remains almost invisible due to the plywood cladding. Thanks to the rhythm of the rust-colored plywood, the building almost melts into nature.

Slim elegance | Kraličák, Czech Republic

The fourth place is already very exciting in terms of location. The designers were put to the test by the harsh weather and extreme winds that the slim edifice must withstand in the Czech ski paradise. The use of durable larch elements makes this possible, among other things. Structural stability has also been emphasized, with the lookout tower being secured to the ground at several points by steel wire ropes.

Images: Jakub Skokan and Martin Tům

Riverside playfulness | Merkiné, Lithuania

The observation tower on the river bank stands out from the pine forest that is so characteristic of the area, but at the same time, it blends into it. Structural irregularities dominate the building, as does the crown of a pine tree. Like a forest, we cannot talk about outstandingly emphasized elements here. The whole observation tower is permeated by playful, almost postmodern shapes.

Source: ArchDaily, Bigsee, Designboom

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