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Plastic waste turns into gems of interior design | Afterlife

Supernovas, a company specializing in circular design, collaborated with the Dutch design studio Odd Matter to create Afterlife, an easy-to-assemble, modular furniture collection made entirely from recycled plastic waste. Store your favorite books, records or plants in them, or make a shelf, chair or trash can out of them!

The product family is comprised of multifunctional crates and benches that can be used at both home and work. They can be utilized indoors or outdoors and individually or stacked, combining them creatively.

Supernovas has pioneered the combination of three manufacturing technologies: rotomolding, pressing and 3D printing are used to produce these items. Each product is made from a single type of plastic (usually PE or PET) and no adhesive is used in their assembly to keep all of the elements recyclable. The furniture items arrive flat-packed, and their packaging is also recycled and recyclable.

The playful shapes and colorful, marble-like patterns of Afterlife prove that waste can be both useful and aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the available waste streams throughout the year, new colorways will be released, producing unique pieces.

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Source: Design Milk

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