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Eszter Kain | Mood-lifting box bags

Joyful pastel spring colors and geometric lines. Eszter Kain creates container-box like bags resembling wooden building blocks that can serve as outstanding accessories to both our attires and homes.

In the field of textile design, Eszter is primarily intrigued by working with leather and designing accessories. She came across the box technique during a task at university, and she has been experimenting with it ever since. The lines of the rigid, simple and clean bags are nicely balanced by the joyful, pastel tones – pink, pale blue or other natural and vivid shades.

But how does the box technique work? The box bags building on the analogy of building blocks are made without sewing, using adhesives as opposed to traditional bag-making; they require very fine and precise work. Creating the unique objects starts with defining the shape. Eszter creates the basic shape out of wood at first. First, the inside of the bag is created on the frame of the bag from different fabrics, and then the outside is made using leather, with the help of gluing.

“Creating every new shape is a new challenge, as I have to pre-determine the process of creation precisely: how the bag should be structured, how it should open, and it should close. For me, this is the most interesting part of the process” – Eszter adds.

The good news is that you can meet even more lovely and playful bag objects in the near future, as the experimenting does not stop here.

“I love working with this, it fascinates me how new and new elements emerge in my mind. I still see a lot of potential in it” – the designer highlights.

If you would like to sparkle up your everydays a bit, you can order the pieces of the fantastic box bag collection on the Instagram page of Slow Studio.

Eszter Kain | Instagram

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