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Euphoria Spa | Mystras, Greece

In the first holistic spa of Greece, in addition to the treatments, the means of interior design also contribute to the guests’ sensual experience. On the territory of world heritage site Mystras, the four stories of the spa were carved out of the inside of a mountain next to a cypress grove. 

Anyone visiting Euphoria Spa probably has an euphoric experience even before receiving any treatments, as the building is so impressive that it swallows guests up with elemental force. 

The concept in itself is impressive: the building was carved out of the inside of a mountain on a territory that was an important center both in ancient times and in Byzantine times. The spa is part of a greater complex, the Euphoria Retreat, out of the more than 7000 square meters of which the special spa takes up 3000 square meters and goes four stories deep into the ground. 

But what makes a spa experience holistic? The architects of the Greek DECA Architecture laid a great emphasis on making the guests experience the spaces with all of their senses. They have designed carefully every tiny detail that a guest experiences sensually on the levels going down in a spiral form, the catacomb-like corridors as well as the baths: from lighting through sound, temperature, humidity to use of materials.

In the spa, as they say, they wanted to create a “spherical space” – the spherical vault serves this purpose. With this solution, and with the interaction of colors, they resemble the domes of Byzantine churches: the bright glittering disrupting the warm background, the combination of gold and blue are all the characteristics of Byzantine iconography. And they look straight off eternal in this contemporary space. The designers wanted to achieve this exact effect: the people floating on the surface of the pool should feel like there is no time.

The result is a meditative and even hallucinogen space, which, in addition to seeing it and finding it spectacular, we can sense more intensively. It has a primal and elemental power just like its ancient predecessors.

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