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Posters as works of art | PosterLad

Aesthetics resembling old VHS cassette cases, 90s fashion and music and Bauhaus style all in one poster.Czech designer Vratislav Pecka creates new pieces every day. Let’s see the details.

Poster design starts to come back as a new form of art today, and it does not necessarily aim to share precise information (news, ads, etc.), it rather functions as a means of self-expression. Building on this thought, in October 2016, Czech designer Vratislav Pecka decided to launch his first project under the name PosterLad.

At a given point, before I started this project, I was fed up with the projects created for my clients. I wanted to work with something I enjoy and posters seemed like a good format, so I started it. After a few days, I realized that there is a quite good poster design community on the social media platforms, and maybe this is why I felt that I needed to continue what I started“ – Vratislav added.

The lines and forms of the carefully designed posters are quite impressive: they are characterized by a balance and harmony between geometric forms and colors. The compositions created this way are true works of art, from a contemporary angle.

The project expands and develops every day, the designer keeps experimenting with new shapes, colors and techniques continuously. 

“What I love the most in designing my posters is complete freedom! I create shapes that I imagine, and no new clients are flooding me with their alteration requests. I continuously urge myself to try new styles, the method of implementation of which I still have to learn. Owing to this, I have developed a lot as a designer. The PosterLad project has brought many positive things into my life, so I’m not going to stop it. Another thing I love in it is creative community building: I have met designers through it with whom we mutually support each other’s work.

If you’d like to get your own posters, visit thewebsite of PosterLad, where you can also select from cardboard or canvas based prints. Go and explore the new pieces released day by day at the Instagram of PosterLad!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

The PosterLad project has already received numerous awards and has been invited to many exhibitions: including the Czech Design Week and the Poster Biennial in Ecuador.

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