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FILTER Architecture | Bivouac for hikers

Unique, contemporary, and, most importantly, the only one. The cabin created by Bosnian FILTER architect studio is the first bivouac in the Visočica mountains. Here it comes.

The cabin of unconventional forms and shapes is located in Visočica mountains rising high near the most ancient Bosnian city, Visoko. The structure named Zoran Šimić after the local infrastructural developments is the first and only facility of the kind in this region.

The cabin is virtually a bivouac, providing shelter for hikers and mountaineers crossing the spot. The bivouac is located at one of the most popular hiking locations of Europe, canyon Rakitnica running between mountains Visočica and Bjelašnica. It is one of few locations where trekking paths cross the canyon and connect two mountains, opening striking views over the landscape.

The lead architect of FILTER is an experienced mountaineer, which played a dominant role in designing the bivouac and maximizing user experience. Giant rectangle windows were placed on both sides of the cabin of 14 meter floorspace, capable of hosting 9 people, thus providing ideal view over the beautiful landscape. The specially designed interior is divided to 3 levels, which can be used both as a seat and a bed, thus reinforcing the structure’s function as a bivouac. The members of local mountaineering club Zeljeznicar and the architects of FILTER studio all participated in building the cabin implemented with voluntary engagement and cooperation.

You can see the entire process of building the cabin by clicking on the video below.

Photo: Jadran Čilić, Zlatan Kurto, Dženad Džino
Source: ArchDaily

Up and coming FILTER Architecture has won several international awards; it is regarded as one of the most outstanding architecture and design studios of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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