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From complexity towards simplicity | Luca Varga – Interiorlines

Many people long to live in lofts – some for the light, and some for the romance of beams. Luca Varga, the architect-designer of Interiorlines studio helped her clients transform their otherwise complexly structured loft into an airy living space.

The two-story high-ceiling apartment located in District III, Budapest had at least as much potential in it as many challenges the architect faced while redesigning it. The complexly structured loft has been left unfinished for several years when architect Luca Varga started working on the technical alteration. 

Luca proposed innovative interior design solutions for the complex design task. The commonly used functions, such as the kitchen-dining room and the living room were established on entrance level. Leveraging the geometry of the loft, Luca created light spaces by connecting the bedroom on the top floor with the living room forming the center of the apartment with an elegant, rhythmically divided glass wall.

The top floor is actively connected to the ground floor spaces. Although the flat is a space evidently equipped with contemporary and modern technology, owing to the classic and renovated wooden structure and the traditional design elements, it could become a true home. It has traditional Kilim carpets on several spots, for instance, chosen by the designer to match the surfaces or the color of the walls. 

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