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Furniture collection in a surreal world | MISSANA

Relaxation, comfort and dream-like, surreal visual world: Ukrainian-born Pavel Vetrov designed a furniture collection for Spanish brand MISSANA, the peculiarity of which lies in the fact that the collection is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The furniture collection dubbed “Bamboo” consists of an armchair and a sofa – as the name suggests, its design follows the stylized patterns of bamboo plant. I was inspired by the bamboo forests to create a timeless collection in which both the structure and the upholstery play a main role, – Pavel explained about his collection.

To maximize durability and resistance, MISSANA used stainless steel with a wooden detail and iron, and added large, sponge-like pillows to enhance comfort.

Another peculiarity is that they invited Studio Clap to make the debut of the collection, who accompanied the special pieces of furniture with a Mediterranean-vibe 3D visualization. The pastel colors and dreamy scenes featured on the visuals highlight the philosophy and values of MISSANA, by also alluding to its headquarters in Valencia.

Photo: Cualiti Photo Studio
3D visualization: Mike Fernández / Clap Studio

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Pavel Vetrov | Web | Behance| Instagram

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