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Handwritten postcard for Mother’s Day by DOT for You

The Hungarian paper design brand DOT for You, known for its iconic IRKA-FIRKA calendars, notebooks, honest communication and dedicated community building, is preparing a special surprise for this year’s Mother’s Day: it offers handwritten, unique postcards.

Apropos of Mother’s Day, the DOT for You team thought about how many of us might live far from our loved ones, our mothers, and we meet them less than we would like to. They help to bridge this distance with lovingly drawn letters. All we have to do is order a postcard from the DOT for You webshop, and they will write it and mail it to the address. We can choose from the popular YOU’RE IMPORTANT, I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU postcards in the brand’s collection in Hungarian, and on the back, we can compose a one-line message.

“Nice words can act like a hug that can be given from a distance, and now it’s so personal that we write each piece by hand with love and attention, one by one. Eszter Tervey-Almási helps us with creative calligraphy. I think it’s a really nice gift and a nice surprise for every mother, although it can be given not just for Mother’s Day,” said Erika Baglyas, the brand’s founder.

Orders can be placed no later than midnight on April 25, Sunday, to ensure your handwritten postcard is delivered in time for Mother’s Day.

Photos: DOT for You © Erika Baglyas

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