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Heartwarming meeting of literature and design | Bomo Art

Reading poems while snuggling under a cozy blanket and sipping a cup of tea, or noting down our plans for next year—Bomo Art’s team can offer tips for both. In the framework of their Vershétfő (Poem Monday) project, they surprise their followers with poems on every Monday to get the week off to a good start, which is especially heartwarming in the holiday period.

We love to use Bomo Art’s products on every day of the year, but they carry a special importance in the winter period. At the end of the year, when we slow down a bit and turn our attention inwards, even writing down our random thoughts has a sentimental feel to it—it’s nothing like simply scratching some dates on the margin of the sheet in the daily rush. The Bomo Art patterns on the quality artisan products evoking happy times of peace and nostalgia further accentuate this cozy atmosphere.

The manufactory not only tries to perk up our everydays with its products, but also with its social media presence. The team started a poem diary on an impulse, and of course driven by their love for poetry. They took a Bomo Art notepad, and the colleagues wrote their favorite poems in it on every Monday to get the week off to a good start. Through the poems, the team also got to know each other better and it turned out that their courier, Dávid Katona, is a master of calligraphy, said Regina Bruckner, the mind behind the project.

Later on they invited their literature loving friends and public figures to join the initiative and share their favorite poems with the audience of Bomo Art. Since then, Tibor Babiczky, Anna Ott, Ferenc Czinki, Júlia Huzella and Lili Kormos’s favorite lines have already made it into the diary, amongst many others, while litterateur Anna Juhász enriched the volume with a poem by his father, Ferenc Juhász. During our interview, our editor-in-chief, Lili Farkas-Zentai also wrote her favorite poem by Péter Kántor in the poem diary.

Now the poem diary has more than 20 poems in it, from famous Hungarian poets like Ákos Fodor, Ádám Nádasdy and Lőrinc Szabó, as well as foreign authors including William Blake and François Villon, amongst others. The audience can follow the journey of the diary, too: the week starting poems are available on Bomo Art’s Facebook and Instagram page, where we can also learn more about the pens the given poems were written in the diary.

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