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Heroes behind nuts | Backbone Branding

Armenian agency Backbone Branding is a master of story-telling and emotionally resonant packaging designs feeding on the message of brands. Out of this year’s projects, the most memorable is definitely the one designed for the brand HERO’S. Before we get into it, let us just tell you this: we would have never imagined that nuts could be sold like this.

If there is a food group whose sight does not arouse our interest at all and which we could have never imagined as the basis of appetizing visualizations, it’s dried fruit and various mixed nuts. Yet dried fruits and nuts are labeled as superfoods, and owing to their nutritive and health benefits their popularity has been on the rise over the past years, in parallel with the spread of healthy eating and veganism.

Backbone Branding captured exactly this quality when they designed 16 characters for the various products that fortify the immune system and defend the body from all kinds of pathogens as super heroes. Each member of the immuniteam wears headgear originating from a different historical era and have characteristics of different ethnicities. Depending on the vitamins and minerals the given fruits and nuts are rich in, every one of them have a slightly different “super power” – we can read these on the bottom of each packaging. The brand name also carries another message: perhaps it is not the nuts that are the real heroes, but those who opt for a health-conscious way of life.

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