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HFDA Spot | Building an online business community

One of the key strategic pillars of the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency is production development, intended to promote collaborations between manufacturers and designers. The digital platform called HFDA Spot launched by the HFDA plays an important role in implementing this, by encouraging the collaborations between manufacturers and designers via promoting relationship building within the sector. Serving as a bridge, the online platform can support the online meeting of clients and manufacturers, and it can contribute to more effective recruitment, too. 

The necessity of the promotion of sales processes, mitigating the shortage of workforce and the promotion of collaborations between manufacturers and designers was also revealed by a survey carried out by the HFDA in 2019, which assessed the challenges experienced by the Hungarian fashion and design industry via in-depth interviews and market research. In the survey, in addition to the shortage of jobs and workforce, the players of the sector pinpointed that they need a professional database, a platform where they could find the partners and employees suiting their business ideas the most. 

Based on the feedback received from the players of the sector, the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency created the HFDA Spot platform, which could provide a solution for the greatest problems of the industry owing to its broad usability. Its aim is to create a meeting point for the players of the fashion and design industry, by opening new paths in building professional relationships and thus in establishing new collaborations between manufacturers and designers. The HFDA spot is a pioneer also in the sense that this is the first time that the representatives of the fashion and design industry are connected on the same platform. 

In the economic situation brought on by the pandemic, digitisation is more relevant than ever: it is the businesses with an intensive online presence that prove to be more resistant against the crisis. The digital platform titled HFDA Spot helps the players of the sector improve both domestic and international sales, and it also promotes the expansion of export processes in the long term. Moreover, the platform may also function as a perfect means for businesses to establish their value chains in the country more efficiently, being linked to each other closely, and may also promote knowledge sharing within the industry, since by directing those concerned to a single platform, it creates an opportunity for discussing the global challenges brought on by the changed economic situation and for sharing the individual proposals for solutions, too. 

The HFDA Spot provides countless means for the players of the sector to introduce themselves: the users can present their activities via photos, videos and media appearances, and they can offer an even fuller picture about their companies by indicating their TEÁOR and MOQ numbers. The Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency works on additional developments by involving the players of the industry, who can rise the platform to an even higher level with their proposals. 

  “Our survey unambiguously revealed that the attributes of Hungarian fashion and design companies allow for a significantly higher usability of capacities and unique orders. By creating HFDA spot, we aimed to provide help to the players of the sector to optimize their production capacity. Moreover, with the platform we also contribute to the establishment of a dialogue and collaboration between Hungarian designers and manufacturers, which can manifest in the form of competitive products in the future. We received countless positive feedback from the players of the sector taking part in testing the platform, and we are thrilled to see how the first registered users will like it.” – told us Zsófia Bata-Jakab, the head of the HFDA. 

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