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HFDA launched its mentor program titled design SPEED together with the renowned Italian Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) at the end of the summer, for six stable Hungarian designers possibly having some foreign experience who are committed to the further development of their companies. Each week until the end of January, you can get to know another protégé a little closer here, at HYPEANDHYPERthis time it is Attila Kertész, Bence Simonfalvi, the POSITION Collective.

POSITION Collective was established by Attila Kertész, Bence Simonfalvi and László Jónás in 2010. In the past ten years, the brand created several collections that received international attention and a number of successful interior design projects that were published by recognized media outlets including Architectural Digest, Elle Decoration, FRAME, Yatzer or Wallpaper magazine. Their pieces can be found at the airport in Perth, in the Melbourne office of Paramount Pictures and at the Budapest headquarters of Google, too.

A lifelong personal impression

Contemporary design and the iconic shapes of European furniture-making meet in the special pieces of POSITION Collective. The generous minimalism of their pieces of furniture and design objects fits well into both personal homes as well as corporate and public spaces. The refined harmony of colors and forms brings the premium pleasure of timeless design.

We basically have a fundamentalist-minimalist approach to both designing objects and spaces; however, we are not very fond of soulless simplicity. We consider it important to create design that lasts – things that will not become boring, worn-out or too harsh even after some years have passed. The majority of our products are customizable, rich in details and playful, in which everyone can place their own impressions, and this way they can become lifelong partners” – the designers explained.

They figure out the concepts together in each case. Interior design projects are then led by Bence, the furniture design projects are managed by Attila, while Attila and Laci work together on commercial issues. In the past period, Laci has also been dealing with issues of general company management as well as issues of economic planning.

Currently they have several larger interior design projects that are to be completed soon. They design a museum on Andrássy út, community spaces for the Mercedes-Benz factory in Kecskemét, and they also work on several apartments and service points. This year, they will launch new products, their website will be renewed, and they will also attend several specialized design fairs: starting with Maison et Object in January, followed by Milan or London in the fall season. They will also attend several events in Hungary. The company celebrates the 10-year anniversary of its foundation this year, which we would like to honor worthily.

Mountains Hotel – step-change

Mountains Hotel, which was redesigned by POSITION, opened at the end of 2019 in Tirol. This is a 100-room ski-resort on a beautiful area of the Alps. The team developed several products only for the sake of the project, in addition to the interior design works. Their works can be seen in every room and community space of the hotel – they managed to implement a coherent and well-thought concept. At the same time, the project also means a step-change in the life of the brand, in a foreign environment. The photos will soon be out, which will be presented together with several other (yet unpublished) furniture and interior design projects.


A couple of years back we participated in a similar mentor program, which raised several professional issues (then unknown to us) that are essential for the professional operation of a design brand. Design SPEED, however, provides a much more detailed and customized knowledge that focuses on the current situation of our company and that we can integrate very well into our development. As it is a program affecting strategic issues, we consider the knowledge obtained in it a general professional guideline to be reviewed yearly, which we will be able to utilize later on our own, too” – told us the team of POSITION.

“The days of those working in the creative industries are rarely about strategic company-building. We think that this program can work in every field of applied arts, so it can be just as useful for a company with a longer history or an individual. It can provide a long-term knowledge not necessarily at the step of determining the basis of the brand (although maybe it is the most reasonable at this stage), but in holding one’s own successfully in the rapidly changing market circumstances as well as in using a structured corporate approach” – they added.

In our article series titled HFDA design SPEED X HYPE published each week on HYPEANDHYPER, you can read about the design works of the six protégés of design SPEED and their experiences related to the mentor program.

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