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The Black Panther

Gyula Grosics, a member of the Golden Team, Olympic champion, silver medal-winning world champion, and the Athlete of the Nation deceased at the age of 88. The legendary goalkeeper, made out of an altar boy “accidentally”, went by the name “the Black Panther” owing to his acrobatic goalkeeping performance.

His career started off in Dorog, then was signed by Honvéd team in 1950, which was collecting the best players at that time from all throughout the country. From 1947, he was goalkeeper of the national team, and “kept the goals” for 86 times, in 1962 for the last time.

“I don’t think about what happened yesterday. However, my childhood memories are becoming more and more vivid. For me, it is important to relive these memories. One has to approach sports in a way to collect memories that are nice to think of in our elderly age. But only those can relive these memories who have done everything for success”We pay tribute to the memory of Gyula Grosics with a mini-website and a poster.

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