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HIGHLIGHTS | Christmas mood

„Az ünnep azé, aki várja” – reads the title of one of the Advent-themed poems of contemporary Hungarian poet Anna Szabó T. (unofficial translation: The celebration belongs to those who wait for it). There is no celebration without waiting: it’s not a coincidence either that we light candles on four consecutive Sundays or how we do all this with the most ancient “tool”. With the fire giving warmth and light, we express that we have also dressed our hearts and souls for Christmas.

The waiting does not mean that we sit back and do nothing: this period is one of the busiest times of the year, and not only because we set out to find the perfect gifts or because we buy tons of food and wrapping paper. We also clean the house, decorate our homes and the nicely set table with Christmas ornaments. We clean up around and inside ourselves, we focus our attention inwards—this is exactly what Marcell Puskás’s calendar is about. The Latvian chocolate box made us think of Kató Lukáts and her fantastic wrapping papers and bonbon boxes she designed for Stühmer and Altmann & Kühne (check out the database of the Museum of Applied Arts if you’re out for some nostalgia – the Ed.). Now we bring five manifestations of the Christmas spirit to your homes from Poland to Hungary.

Kitti Mayer
design theorist


Peggy Lee ‘Happy Holiday’ | Warsaw, Poland
BluBlu Studios
Karolina Specht
Jagoda Klaczynska
Marta Brodacka
Jagoda Kaleta


Little Christmas story | Warsaw, Poland
Natalya Shilo


christmas postcards illustrations | Brno, Czech Republic
Peter “Liči” Ličko


PURE chocolate christmas packaging | Riga, Latvia
Mara Drozdova


Memory Calendar | Budapest, Hungary
Marcell Puskás

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