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Uncertainty, gratitude, waiting

If I had to describe the year in three words, these are the ones that would come to my mind first. 

Uncertainty, because with the pandemic, nothing went the way it was supposed to or as we imagined it this year. The virus affected nearly everything, which we had to accept and live with.


Gratitude, because in spite of the uncertainty, we couldn’t forget the people who stood their ground every day even in this challenging situation. We must be grateful to the heroes whom we presented on HYPEANDHYPER in the framework of a seven-part poster series in the spring. 


Waiting, because the waiting before Christmas is rewarded by the coming. This year, we also wait for something to be over. We hope the year 2021 will be spent without a pandemic, in peace and tranquility. 


These three Christmas-themed prints were inspired by three words describing the year 2020:

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