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These could be the post-pandemic cities of tomorrow

More and more architects and designers share their visions of what our built environment and urban life could look like after the pandemic. According to the concept proposed by O2 Design Atelier, horizontal development will be replaced by vertical.

According to the Malaysian architecture firm, the pandemic should be interpreted as a sort of sign, warning humanity that the destruction of the planet can only be prevented with radical steps and by joining our forces. By opting for vertical construction, they strive for the preservation of nature in their designs.

Up until today, our society develops townships and cities horizontally by means of destroying the land“ – they say. In order to unburden the land, they envision self-sustaining towers, with places for work, play, shop, sports and culture within each tower. Residents would be able to plug into the towers with capsules, which would be floating in the air by default. These fleets would function as living quarters and work stations at the same time.

Soure: designboom

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