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Monument honoring coronavirus victims to be built along Uruguayan coastline

The circular architectural installation with a 40-meter diameter was designed to be installed on water off the coast of Uruguay. In addition to commemorating the victims of the pandemic, the structure would also offer a new perspective to experience the coast.

We are still in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, yet there are some who are thinking about its end already: Uruguay-based architecture firm Gómez Platero is working on the designs of a monument to honor the victims of the pandemic. 

Dubbed World Memorial to the Pandemic, the monument is a ring-shaped architectural installation with a 40-meter diameter, imagined to be built on the ocean shore. In addition to providing a place to remember the victims, the structure with an internal 10-meter-wide hole opening towards rocks and water underneath will also offer the experience of meeting the elements of nature first-hand. Its concave surface will be constructed using concrete, while its bottom will be faced with Corten steel, according to the plans.

Source: Dezeen

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