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HIGHLIGHTS | Colorful world

From a very young age, a mysterious, parallel world becomes part of our lives. We recreate this world over and over again, first through children’s drawings, and later, thanks to trained creatives, through professional illustrations appearing in our environment.

Everything in this world is colorful, beautiful and functional. In fact, humans have already proved with the Lascaux cave drawings that they feel a necessity for the existence of another, visual world that confronts reality, where they can live out their imagination and depict the image of an ideal future. Many of the cultural struggles of the last century are perhaps due to this elemental need, where more powerful nations sought to gain control over defeated societies not only through their superiority of strength but also through some kind of visual culture and mindset. It is also a proven fact that children’s drawings are actually mirrors of the soul and visual representations of their experiences. When making them, kids process the things that happened to them.

Be it a storybook or a wine label, our environment is full of drawings that keep on whispering in our ears: all is fine, all is nice. This is actually an artistic way of mind-altering that has to be approached with caution so that we don’t end up finding ourselves in a made-up world.

Our current project selection consists of examples that present a slice of our visual, illustrative world from Berlin to Cape Town.


LazyLab BrewCo Identity | Brighton, United Kingdom
Minal Studio


24th French Film Festival | Malaga, Spain
Estudio Santa Rita _
Nuel Salinas
Palo Graglia


La Gazette | Cape Town, South Africa
Makers Company


Otto&Kate Wall Berlin | Berlin, Germany
Katerina Voronina


Financier cafe | Moscow, Germany
Daria Far

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