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HIGHLIGHTS | Dullness is over!

Although the bitter wind sometimes strikes our faces, spring is approaching unstoppably. Our favorite colors emerge from grayness, so the shop windows and advertising surfaces of the streets of our cities are also filled with shades. In our current selection, we have put together projects that help with the smooth change of seasons with the colors of spring.

Many of the great thinkers of mankind have dealt with colors, including Newton, Goethe, or even Johannes Itten, who, as the spiritual father of the Bauhaus, wrote the epoch-making theses of color theory. In the color wheel, he outlined, three basic colors, complementary colors, and their shades appeared, outlining the perfect color spectrum.

Colors have not only an emotional charge, but also a serious role in visual communication. A careful selection of colors is just as important during a design process as the precise formulation of a business mission, because colors affect the recipient first, full of underlying meaning. The role of color is therefore important in shaping the well-being of our world and our people.

This week, we were looking for projects that would color our environment based on the writings of our scientists, thereby helping to focus on the essence, from Belgium to Spain.


City of Cape Town Rebranding | Antwerpen, Belgium
Olivier Segers


RAD – Random Absorbed Dose of Fruits | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Not Real
Milton Gonzalez
Vale Moreiro
Lu Borzi
Pia Alive
Roberto Connolly


tradeer® – Brand Identity | Querétaro City, Mexico
Saul &Co


Canthynnus | Madrid, Spain
Erretres. The Strategic Design Company


Core & Rind: Cheesy Dreamy Goodness | Brooklyn / Portland, USA
Herefor Studio
Ryan Hammond
Cory Uehara

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