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HIGHLIGHTS | Urban frescos

The primary surfaces of human mark-making were caves. These gigantic “canvases” were the first to preserve the marks our ancestors deemed important to record tens of thousands of years ago. Virtually the same thing takes place nowadays in the case of murals, too: only the caves have been replaced by firewalls, and instead of buffalos and swimming figures, now cartoon characters and historical figures look back at us from the giant wall surfaces of blocks of flats. We would like to make the concrete jungle surrounding us and rising above us nicer and more livable – when planting trees is not an option anymore, we build colorful and eventful scenes with paint brushes. The meeting of built environment and visual arts below the clouds, from Warsaw to Athens.

Mural Gdynia’s coat of arms | Warsaw, Poland
Paweł Ryżko

OMHM Mural | Montreal, Canada
Cecile Gariepy

The Thread That Ties Us Together | Berlin, Germany
Emily Eldridge

„Break The Silence” Campaign against Women Violence | Amman, Jordan
Miramar Moh’d 
Dalal Mitwally

Traffic Design Festival Vol.5 | Athens, Greece
Blaqk . 
Greg Papagrigoriou 
Simek .

The 200th anniversary of the birth of János Arany | Budapest, Hungary
Vertigo Murals

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