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The winners of the Office of the Year Award have been announced

The Office of the Year competition organized for the 10th time found itself in quite a situation. The organizers had to announce the winners of the award amidst the coronavirus epidemic, but they managed to do so in style in spite of the unconventional circumstances, and honored the winners and those interested with an online award ceremony.

Perhaps only now are we truly experiencing the changes that have taken place in Hungarian office culture in the past 10 years. Yet, another transformation is already upon us, since the coronavirus epidemic is sure to change our working habits and thus our offices, too. 

The office space of ALL YOU CAN MOVE, winner of the Small Enterprises category

According to the organizers of the Office of the Year Award celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the people wo are now working from home will appreciate high quality and well-thought out work environment after the epidemic even more. That is to say, the competition has lost none of its significance, and neither did the offices nominated and awarded in the same. 

The winners of the Office of the Year Award 2019:

  • The Office of the Year in Small Enterprise category: ALL YOU CAN MOVE office – Attila Nyári Design
  • The Office of the Year in the category of Large Enterprises: TransferWise – DVM Design
  • The Design Office of the Year: Positive Adamsky HQ – Ferenc Törőcsik
  • The Family-Friendly Office of the Year: Hungarian Telekom and T-Systems headquarters – Tiba Architects Studio
  • The Office of the Year – Evolution Award: ABW Office Space for TETRA PAK – LEVEL UP Office Design
  • The Community Office of the Year: HubHub Budapest – Mádi Láncos Studio Kft
  • The Interior Design Company of the Year: Pyxis Nautica Építésziroda Kft.
The winner of the Large Enterprises category: TransferWise 

The organizers of the competition also consider it important to prepare the market for the post-epidemic period, as the office life as we know it will expectedly change and new aspects will have to be taken into account when designing and arranging our work environments. For instance, the second home philosophy could become a more pronounced trend in Hungary too, entailing a more flexible working time frame and workplace for employees, where the employers provide a home-office-like experience to employees in the office. The discussion leading up to the award ceremony also focused on the topic of expected changes, and they also launched the “Office of the Year podcast” discussing the future of office life. In these talks, prominent representatives of the profession are looking to answer questions like what comes after the mass home office and how we will work in six months. 

The winner of the Design award: Positive Adamsky HQ 

More than 170 applications were submitted for the competition organized by the ingatlan.com group. The winners were selected based on the combined results of the votes of a business jury consisting of 50 people, a professional jury made up of 10 experts and an audience vote.

The building of the Telekom headquarters won the Family-Friendly category

You can read about the nominees, finalists and winners of the Office of the Year Award 2019 here.

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