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Hollóka Graphic Design School launches new illustration course

The new course of Hollóka Grafikai Műhely (Hollóka Graphic Design School) to be launched in March comes just in time for applicants seeking admission to universities or colleges, and can be useful to anyone who is looking to improve their illustration techniques in an environment where mentors and students cooperate as equal partners.

Hollóka Graphic Design School was founded by graphic designer Holló-Szabó Réka: Réka graduated at the Graphics Department of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, and in addition to her projects, she also gained experience in the field of education by teaching at Corvin Art School. By establishing the Hollóka Graphic Design School, her goal was not only to pass on her and her fellow teachers’ knowledge but also to build an active creative community. In the school, one-year courses are launched in several fields within the area of graphic design: those interested can apply for illustration, graphic design and UX/UI design programs, too.

The 4-session, rapid Rendering course to be launched on March 30 is at the same time the forerunner of the one-year illustration course. At the course, students will mainly receive help for the steps of drawing the background for character drawings. Participants can get to know the toolset, application and contemporary world of rendering by also utilizing their knowledge acquired previously in other fields. The course will be held by illustrator and graphic designer Máté Gergő Muszka, a former colleague to Réka Holló-Szabó in Corvin Art School, who later became the head of Hollóka’s illustration course.

“When Réka Holló Szabó asked me to be the head of the illustration course of the School, I said yes immediately. Hollóka provides a creative environment where mentors and students can express and materialize their love for the profession as equals, instead of being in a dominant/subordinate relationship. I think this mentality, attitude and student incubation is a novelty in our country,” Máté Gergő Muszka said.

And to whom do they recommend the course?

“The course is for people with basic drawing skills. Most of the applicants would like to improve their knowledge or are interested in illustration techniques and would love to try themselves at a short creative workshop. The course can also be helpful for students seeking admission to universities, if, for example, they plan to apply to MOME’s animation department, to METU, or the graphic arts specialization of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. The details of the background and the objects of the character’s environment could fill an entire page in the folder they submit to the chosen university. If someone is only looking to expand or update their portfolio, so that they can expand their services to another field, the course is still a great opportunity, because a program like this does not only teach, but could also loosen up one’s style,” he added.

At the course, participants can learn about the theory of rendering, framing and the psychology of location and space, which they can then put to use in individual tasks, and can discuss their results in the framework of consultations. Participants can work with a technique chosen at their discretion, both manually or digitally. Those interested have until March 22 to apply by following the instructions set out on the website.

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Illustrations by Máté Gergő Muszka

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