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Nostalgic memories | The illustrations of Ivana Kozlau Lauridsen

Sophisticated and nostalgic colors, soft gestures and Scandinavian simplicity. Slovakian-born Ivana Kozlau Lauridsen creates clean and soothing patterns and illustrations.

Ivana uses her own childhood memories as inspiration, in a manner as if she was living in the ‘70s – this is what makes her visual world unique and recognizable. For her, this is the period that comes with inspiring nostalgia and which she tends to portray in her illustrations. Starting from this idea, her works put female figures into the center, emerging in a memory-like scene.

Her illustration series titled Swimming pools and Swimming poses, in which she covers the topic of swimming, follow the same concept. The artist herself attended swimming competitions, and so she wanted to capture this feeling and memory in the form of pictures, too. The locations reminiscing of the past in complete harmony with the natural tones form an idyllic and harmonious visual image.

“As a temperamental person, I strive to create a visual world that sooths me and resolves my concerns. This way, my illustrations are a form of therapy for me. This is partly why the use of simple tones and the portrayal of nature and bodies of water are characteristic of my works. I was always drawn to the Scandinavian atmosphere, which taught me that we don’t necessarily have to use vivid colors in order to raise attention” – explained Ivana.

In her latest works, Ivana wants to capture the High Tatras, and she will also incorporate the Socialist architecture of Slovakia into her visual world soon. We can’t wait to see it!

For more soothing and nostalgic illustrations or patterns, go and check out Ivana Kozlau Lauridsen’s website, where you can also purchase the specific works of art in the form of prints.

Ivana Kozlau Lauridsen | Web | Instagram

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