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A dream house floating on water | Lilypad Palm Beach

Only the soft sound of waves breaks the silence in this floating house located at Sydney Palm Beach. The villa operating as a boutique hotel combines luxury with elements of sustainability, while it also fits into the current lockdown situation perfectly.

Although it become truly famous during the quarantine, the idea of floating boutique hotel Lilypad Palm Beach was not conceived in relation to the COVID-19 epidemic. The designer Chuck Anderson imagined a living space where tenants can enjoy the comfort of a luxury hotel in terms of gastronomy and spa services, while they can still feel at home, being completely isolated from the rest of the world.

This is how the house floating at Palm Beach came into being, mixing contemporary design and luxury with traditional crafts elements and eco-consciousness, given that the entire facility runs on solar energy. 

Those looking for something other than just the comfort of the villa can choose from an abundance of accompanying services, including water excursions with the boat coming with the house or dinners with a private chef.

Photos: @lilypadpalmbeach

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