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Contemporary carpets | What the Rug

Abstract and rectangular rocky landscapes, flowing rivers, waterfalls and coasts appearing in bold, vibrant, orangy colors. Anna Katalin Lovrity’s sensitive and characteristic creations now come to life in the form of sophisticated, hand-made carpets. Meet What the Rug!

Anna Katalin Lovrity works as an animation movie director – in addition to animation, she has also been intrigued by our homes and the experience related to it for long, and so she decided to combine her creations with a new medium, and to put weaving, as a traditional genre into a contemporary context. 

But how did the story of the What the Rug carpets start? “Last summer I was at a party at Eszter Glaser’s, and in the morning when it was just the two of us and we drank a lot of champagne, the idea just came to us. Eszter is a true rug-fan, and as my graphical world almost always consists of rectangular elements, we thought this could work well in the world of rugs. However, this whole procedure is much more complex than what we imagined in the morning tipsy on champagne, but ultimately we did it and I think it turned out quite great. The texture of weaving and the soft glitter of the threads give a whole new quality to the graphics” – Anna Katalin told us.

In the course of implementation, it was important for them to keep manufacturing sustainable and to make the durable and unique carpets amongst ethical circumstances, out of quality materials. After long researching and experimenting, Anna and Eszter found the help they needed: the What the Rug carpets are made in a small Hungarian village, out of cotton threads, by Erika Csobán.

On top, the selection of What the Rug will be expanded with a new collection soon. “During creating my diploma movie Volcano Island, I grew to like the genre of landscape art very much, I was particularly blown away by the Far Eastern style. I think you can create a very lyrical or even heroic atmosphere with landscape images. The next collection will be inspired by bluish shades, and I hope we can also take the patterns into a more figurative direction. If it was up to me, I would adapt Rococo pastoral scenes into my own, clean style” – Anna Katalin added.

If you’d like to decorate your home with What the Rug carpets, you can preorder them in the online store of the designer. The carpets are currently available in a 50×70 cm size, but you can also order them in a larger size based on custom requests. Anna Katalin also revealed that soon we’ll be able to view the gorgeous carpets at an event in Garden StudioFollow Anna Katalin’s Instagram account for more information!

Photos: Géza Talabér

Anna Katalin Lovrity | Web | Instagram
Eszter Glaser | Instagram 

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