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HIGHLIGHTS | Animated illustrations

When we hear the word animation, we tend to think of something unserious or even childish. Hearing the word makes us think of the world of fairy-tales, a sweet and unrealistic story: many times (wrongly) we think of the motion picture creations defined as animation movies as cartoons, and regard them as something designed for children, and embarrassing for adults.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about animation or live-action films, what matters is always the plot: we see the changes of loveable or perhaps obnoxious characters, we place ourselves into the given situation, and we, too, make decisions at important scenes in our heads. Animated illustrations are perfect for conveying both abstract and specific messages. The characters moving on the screen cannot only help us understand ourselves, but may also serve the purpose of comprehending certain processes more easily and rapidly. The illustrations brought to life can facilitate understanding and learning a new, unknown application or computer software by guiding the user to the final goal: by following the instructions of the figures coming to life on the screen, ticket dispensers, an online store offering a new product or service or the process of shopping can all become easier to use. We collected projects of the like from Azerbaijan to Warsaw.

Kitti Mayer
design theorist

Ticketsetup | Baku, Azerbaijan
Weerlig Studio

Winelivery | Milan, Italy
Studio Ianus

Beeline & The Village | Moscow, Russia

Google MyConcerns | Austin, USA
Brian Gossett

Brevio | Warsaw, Poland/ Stockholm, Sweden/ London, United Kingdom
Ilona Rybak
Mac Wojcik
sigh jones

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