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HIGHLIGHTS | Illustrations confined within four walls

Regular readers of our series may have noticed that there is a theme that comes up again and again in our articles: it’s nothing more than the world of murals that make our gray cities colored with gasoline vapor more colorful. You can also find a twist in our current selection, because now we present indoor wall paintings instead of outdoor ones.

White walls, empty spaces, concrete surfaces—these markers define the minimalist interior design of our time. However, very elegant, clean spaces are specifically unsuitable for certain situations. One might think that a creative medium can be distracted by a defining graphic design, but in reality, the creative process is hampered by an overly empty, bleak office space. An important part of the creation is the impulse, be it a bustling space or a colorful environment. In the office spaces of many creative agencies or startups, we come across graphics designed to support this workflow.

So here are our favorite indoor murals, now from Russia to Poland!

Finca Santa Rosa | Moscow, Russia
Katja Rondel

Developers Office | Kyiv, Ukraine
Kosko Kosko

Shiva and his tiger | Yekaterinburg, Russia
Natalia Pastukhova

WARP wall and lounges in Creative Quarter Unit 1 | Kyiv, Ukraine
SHOO Studio

Olivia Prime / wall painting | Gdansk, Poland

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