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HIGHLIGHTS | Resurgent past

In our previous selections, we had the opportunity to get to know the object design of the eighties, but for this week, we have selected more exciting projects than ever before, thus reviving the tools of the past.

We have already talked about the stylistic tools and expectations of the era’s object design in our last article, therefore we will now say a few words about the idealism and influence of the era.

When we talk about minimalism and simplicity, it is not exactly the eighties that come to mind: we would rather list today’s high-tech smartphones and other 21st century devices here. But in order to live the renaissance of minimalist design today, we needed a development path catalyzed by the legacy of the father of reduced design, Dieter Rams. Rams’ famous saying “Less is more” is still used as a slogan by institutions and technology giants. This philosophy has completely influenced the image of modern design from the eighties to the present day. The design process turned upside down, as in addition to the function, there was also a great emphasis on design. The simplicity of the surfaces, the provision of uniform typography and surface treatment served no other purpose than to provide the simplest possible user experience. While the professional use of plastics, which emerged as a technological novelty of the age, brought spectacular results, various metal surfaces also played a significant role in the democratization and wider spread of demanding design. The legacy of Dieter Rams has lived among us to this day, not only in the form of a number of technologies that are considered to have disappeared, but also in his way of thinking, and remained an influential factor from an economic and social point of view.

In our current project selection, we look at three-dimensional visual designs from South Korea to Brazil that revive the precision of this age and its designers.

Braun D300 | Seoul, South Korea
김 솔찬

Directed by: Solchan Kim

SONY PS-F9 | Seoul, South Korea
SungKu Lee

Yamaha TC 800GL | Bradenton, USA
Jason ◤◢◤◢ Zigrino

Sony TC-55 | Bradenton, USA
Jason ◤◢◤◢ Zigrino

RETRO APPS | São Paulo, Brazil
Danilo Toledo

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