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HYPE | Weekly online program guide

The leading art and design museums of the world simply can’t run out of ideas, they offer more and more fascinating online education materials in the form of illustrated training videos and complex courses. Speaking of learning, we would also like to recommend a 3D course soon to be launched, lots of movies and an exciting exhibition organized by LOOP Gallery to wind down. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss this week!

LOOP Gallery x Bori Mákó: Digital painting

Same as before, LOOP Gallery comes with an online program again: this time, they will make Bori Mákó’s landscape video “Csend” (Silence) available, in relation to which you can get to know the genre of digital art a little bit closer. The program series of LOOP Gallery examines issues like how the screen becomes the central medium of content consumption and creation and how the boundaries between real and virtual become blurred with the use of digital platforms, through the works of contemporary Hungarian artists. 

When: between April 27 and May 11, 2020

Where: online

More info: Event

Online 3D course with Bence Hlavay

You can apply to the three-month 3D course led by Bence Hlavay launching early May until April 27, where you can learn the basics of using Blender. Bence Hlavay studies at the MA Animation course of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, and he co-founded PIROS animation, and now he will hold an informal workshop following an introduction to the basics, organized by Hegyező. Hegyező promotes the development of young people interested in animation and the profession through their own creative attitude. You can apply to the course through their Facebook page.

When: from May 5, 2020 Deadline for application: April 27

Where: online

More info: Event

Gary Hustwit – Helvetica Bonus Footage online!

Several hours of shooting can be left out from documentaries, which are just as valuable, but somehow didn’t fit into the narrative of the movie. Several exciting scenes were left out from the Hustwit movie exploring the story of world-known font Helvetica, too, which were then compiled into a 95-minute material by the director. You can now listen to the left out parts of the interviews made with the graphic designers appearing in the original movie, including Paula Scher, David Carson or Stefan Sagmesiter until April 28.

When: until April 28, 2020

Where: online

VOULEZ-VOUS UN DESSIN? – brief art training videos by Centre Pompidou

Paris-based Centre Pompidou offers two-minute mini videos: the brief recordings tell you the most important things there is to know about a modern or contemporary art genre that played a key role in the formation of 20th and 21st century art. From Cubism, through Surrealism and pop art to body art, you can find materials on every important trend, and the information is illustrated with the drawings of Jochen Gerner.

Where: online

#quarantineobjects – Museum of Ethnography

The Museum of Ethnography launched an online collection campaign: let’s show what our everydays were like during the epidemic to posterity! This time, the museum is looking for the photographs of objects (and the related stories) that gained special significance during the days spent in lockdown. The quarantine object can be anything that keeps you home, lets you out, restricts, makes you free; anything that you miss, protects you, imposes danger, what you found, you lost, you acquired, you threw out, you created, you altered and anything that became part of your life due to the lockdown. You can browse through the objects submitted so far in this public Facebook group.

Where: online

More info: website

MoMA free courses

Modern art, photography, post-war abstract painting, contemporary art, fashion as design.. a few days ago, the Museum of Modern Art in New York launched free online courses under these topics. According to the statement of MoMA, the course participants can listen to lectures directly from the artists and designers, while they can also get to know to the collections and exhibitions better. You can access the classes through the online platform of Coursera.

Where: online

Eastern European movies online

You can browse through the crème de la crème of the region on this site. The selection includes true classics, films that are difficult or impossible to watch anywhere else, and works that won prestigious international awards in the past year. The site is quite user-friendly: you can look for movies broken down to countries, genre and period, as well. You need to subscribe to view an entire movie, but the site offers several plans, in this case, too: you can even opt for a daily subscription, which comes in handy for another weekend in lockdown dedicated to watching movies.

Where: online

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