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HYPEANDHYPER’s favorites | Highlights of Hungary 2020

Highlights of Hungary announced the list of fifty-five nominees selected by the curators in mid-January, consisting of prominent representatives of culture, sports, science, civil and state organizations as well as the business world. Now it is our turn to vote for the stories that inspire us the most until February 18. HYPEANDHYPER’s team has also collected their favorites—check our shortlist below!

Nanushka – Women of Terény- Noha Studio collaboration

The leaders of NohaStudio and Nanushka were inspired by the experiences of the ceramics workshops organized by NohaTerény and the poor employment options of the small village in Nógrád county to provide job opportunities to the women living in the area that generates a massive added-value: as a result, in the 2020 spring collection of the Nanushka fashion brand, plastic buttons were replaced by the high-fired ceramics buttons and accessories manufactured by these ladies. In addition to being able to put their knowledge based on traditions to use, the collaboration also allowed the women of Terény to acquire a new profession.

Read more about the nominee HERE.


The Instagram page Sikidegvagyok collects the phrases that give a vivid and comprehensive depiction of our Hungarian reality. Beneath the phrases describing our grandmas, our parents, the news anchor, the baker, the hairdresser, our head teacher from primary school, the recurring actors in our lives—and thus, ourselves—there are complex characters, phenomena and social contexts.

Read more about the nominee HERE.

Partizan Architecture: The children’s activity center of the Jesuit Church at Lőrinc pap tér

There are several parents in the community of the Jesus’s Heart Jesuit Church in Józsefváros, Budapest that prefer bringing their kids to the church programs. A room for children to play during the service was created in response to this phenomenon. The leaders of the church commissioned Partizan Architecture to furnish the space—the interior made up of sponge elements creates a balance between the timeless serenity of the church building and the always changing, continuously moving character of playing.

Read more about the nominee HERE.

Road Movie

The Road Movie series is about loving Hungary. In the summer of 2019, VOLT FILM invited the most popular Hungarian bands and musicians to write songs inspired by the regions, cities, villages and spaces that are the closest to them, and commissioned renowned, young and talented directors to make videos for the songs. These songs and videos are complemented by the film titled Road Movie Guide, in which the performers of the songs guide the viewers and tell them about their favorite places, led by famous Hungarian television host Tilla. At the end of 2020, the first ten destinations and artists also toured the country with the Road Movie Album.

Read more about the nominee HERE.

Superar Music Program

SUPERAR‘s aim is to make sure that every child, regardless of their social background and musical skills, can experience the personality-shaping and community-building power of playing music together on a daily basis. To that end, since 2018, SUPERAR has been offering free community musical education at a high artistic level in schools where students would typically not have opportunities like these due to the social environment. They believe and experience that playing music together on a high level (in their case, choir singing and classic guitar band) does not only provide a musical experience, but can also form a collaborative community whose members care for each other, strengthen each other and work together for success. 

Read more about the nominee HERE.

This is Redy

One day she woke up and had her period, sooner than she expected, she had nothing at hand, but came up with an idea which she then brought to life, and sold more than ten thousand pieces of period underwear within a year. This is the story of Redy, or at least this is where it all started. This is Redy launched in May 2019, and soon there were no women’s magazines that didn’t cover the innovation. Redy points out that waste generation can be reduced in this field, too, because there is a sustainable and comfortable alternative. 

Read more about the nominee HERE.

Katarina Durica

Katarina Durica is a writer, journalist and a mother of three. Her articles and books focus on topics concerning women. Female communities have been formed around her novels both in Hungary and Slovakia. Her pieces facilitate trauma processing in issues like sexual assault, prostitution and the very many ways of domestic violence. 

Read more about the nominee HERE.

Tajgetosz Show

The mission of the YouTube channel entitled Tajgetosz Show is to call attention to the fact that we are not alone. It’s not only about disabilities, but all kinds of isolation, marginalization and anxiety that life comes with. Ádám talks about his experiences gained as a person with a disability infused with humor—to him, this is a tool for survival. He thinks that the feeling of shame and our fear of the others that intertwines our society can be dissipated through such self and public analysis.

Read more about the nominee HERE.

Lili Horvát: Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time

Lili Horvát’s second feature film “Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time“ debuted at the 2020 Venice International Film Festival. Since then, it has received several prestigious awards, and its festival tour is still very much underway. The film blurs the line between reality and imagination. Dr. Márta Vizy, the 40-year-old neurosurgeon falls in love and leaving her successful career in the US, she returns to Budapest to start a new life with János Drexler. But she waits at the Pest bridgehead of Liberty Bridge in vain: the man does not show up for the rendezvous. Márta starts looking for him desperately, but when she finds him, Drexler claims he has never seen her in his entire life. Márta starts to question herself—is it possible that she desires the man so much that it is only her imagination that keeps playing with her? She decides not to return to the United States, instead, she takes a job in a hospital in Budapest and starts investigating János Drexler.

Read more about the nominee HERE.

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