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Iconic shoes made of “mushroom leather” | Adidas

Adidas has come up with a revolutionary innovation: they rendered their iconic Stan Smith model, manufactured since 1965, in a new mushroom-based material, Mylo.

Mylo is made from mycelium, the underground network of fungal threads. The material needs a small space to grow, and it is done in less than two weeks. The end result looks exactly like leather, it’s sustainable and a great vegan alternative. More and more people are choosing it in the fashion industry, most recently, for example, we reported on Stella McCartney’s capsule collection in relation to the material.

The Stan Smith Mylo model was created in partnership with Bolt Threads, a biotechnology company specializing in creating innovative materials. All of this is an important step in demonstrating Adidas’ commitment to a sustainable future, as well as promoting the versatile Mylo.

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Source: Designboom

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