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In heavenly spheres | Leo Signatures

Leo Rooftop bar in Budapest offers an extraordinary way to get our chakras in balance: the bar’s team welcomes visitors with drinks customized to the various chakras.

“All hope abandon ye who enter here” – Dante’s quote is the first thing we see when opening Leo Rooftop bar’s cocktail menu. However, the exact opposite is true for both the bar and Leo Bistro opened in June: the team debuted quite hopeful, fresh and creative ideas in the current situation challenging for the entire hospitality sector. Including Leo Signatures, the bar’s delicately composed cocktail selection, also complemented with a unique visual identity.

The drinks selection of the bar is a result of exciting team work. The concept uses the seven planets as a basis, and assigns the seven chakras and their respective colors to them. Led by bar manager Gábor Dreghiciu, new and original flavor combinations came to life this way, and each of them with a unique graphical image on top.

The line drawings behind the planets draw on the world of dreamcatchers and chakra symbols (circle, triangle, moon). Graphic designer Dóra Osváth further unraveled these into geometric shapes and created miniature universes out of them.

“I examined real images of planets and transformed the characteristics of the given planet into simple line forms, thus attempting to mould spirituality and the universe into a whole” – Dóra described the project. The cherry on top is brought by the quotes assigned to each drink’s character and the photographs taken by Andris Zombori. The experience is completed by the fantastic panorama over Budapest, possibly under a starry sky.

In order to truly experience the Leo feeling, you can also book a table in Leo Bistro located in the same building, at the ground floor of Hotel Clark, before heading up for cocktails. The menu here includes classics that combine well with each other, while the background of the dinner is provided by the exclusive interior designed by Monaco-based studio Humbert&Poyet. Currently guests can order drinks based on the bartender’s choice in the restaurant, but a unique drinks menu is on its way for the restaurant, too, once again built on exciting themes. 

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