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In the palm of Farkaskútvölgy: a mysterious observation point lies in the Cserhát Mountains

A lookout terrace shaped like a hand is nestled between Felsőtold, a picturesque little village along the ranges of the Cserhát Mountains, and the world-heritage-listed village of Hollókő, allowing visitors to gaze at the neighboring valley and the hills of the Cserhát.

Built of acacia wood, the extraordinary Hand viewpoint was designed and made by artist Benjamin Csíkszentmihályi. It was completed in approximately two and a half months: its structure is provided by a trunk frame, with flooring and seats on top of it. It is up to the visitors to unravel the symbolic meaning of the gigantic hand: it could symbolize the hand of God, guardian of nature, protection or something entirely different.

“Creating something lasting has been on our bucket list for some time. This is how a destination also appealing to hikers was born, offering a splendid panorama onto the entire region. For us, it serves as a spot for reflection and contemplation, where we can keep planning our estate,” says Farkaskútvölgy’s Facebook page.

At the moment, there’s not much information about the meticulously crafted structure: it is not marked with signs and it is not indicated on tourist maps either. The exceptional lookout spot is accessible from both Felsőtold and Hollókő on several hiking trails, including the National Blue Trail.

Photos: Gergő Simák

Farkaskútvölgy | Facebook
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