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The coolest hiking stuff | TOP 5

Spring is here again, which we can only rejoice in every way. One such gratifying thing is that we have more and more opportunities to hike: in connection with this, we present five Eastern European brands that can help the success of the trips with practical and cool accessories.

YKRA | Hungary

Famous for its durable, handmade, vintage-style bags, the history of YKRA began in 2011 in a cellar in Budapest, and is now gaining increasing international recognition. The products are currently designed and manufactured in Hungary, and the excellent leather and linen materials are from Italy and the Czech Republic. Their backpacks are perfect for hiking and city adventures as well.

Photos: ykra.net

Lesovik | Poland

Perfect accessories for more difficult spring or summer hikes can be the easy-to-carry and durable Lesovik hammocks made by an enthusiastic Warsaw team.

Photos: lesovik.eu

Tilak | Czech Republic

Czech Tilak produces high-quality hiking clothes and accessories that are suitable for both light and difficult terrain conditions. We mainly recommend their jackets, which are all made using Gore-Tex material.

Photos: @tilak.cz (facebook)

Blind Chic. | Hungary

Like YKRA, Blind Chic. was also founded in 2011 in Budapest. The brand, which is becoming more and more popular, makes excellent bags. We recommend their backpacks for cycling and hiking.

Photos: blind-chic.com

Pajak | Poland

We close our list with one of the most professional manufacturers of hiking clothes and accessories in Poland. Pajak has been making quality pieces since 1983, which are almost indestructible. It’s the perfect choice if you are looking for a premium sleeping bag or jacket.

Photos: @pajaksport (facebook)

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