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„Making people see the values of the built environment”| The graphics of Boróka Felső

Boróka Felső started her studies at the department of architecture in Pécs, and completed her diploma project in Colombia—her pink risoprints featuring buildings of Budapest caught our attention on Instagram. The prints of special atmosphere not only mirror Boróka’s eternal passion for architecture, but are also intended to bring the sometimes hidden values of our built heritage closer to us.

As a student of architecture, Boróka Felső has been to many places including Pécs, Stuttgart, Spain, Portugal and Colombia. She even completed her diploma project in Bogotá: focusing on the community house of a tiny barrio in Bogotá with an observation point. The house was built to serve the residents of the district as well as to attract those living outside the barrio, too—that is, to “tear down walls.”

Having returned to Budapest with all the international experience, she worked for a couple of architecture studios, but finally she felt that she didn’t find her true passion in designing, rather in drawing. Thus she started her own graphic studio, with a portfolio including the risograph prints on the architectural heritage of the sixties and the seventies.

“Even though I don’t practice architecture in the classic sense, my admiration and appreciation for it has not changed a single bit, quite on the contrary. I have rather reinterpreted the relationship between the two of us. I would like to bring buildings and our built environment closer to people with my own tools. If buildings with important architectural value, which are impressions of the age, can disappear from the urban fabric without a word, I think there is a problem,”

Boróka says. She chooses the buildings based on their color, shape or material, that is, along criteria that might not catch the eye of laymen at first glance: perhaps they rather look at them as one of many. These “communist”, “panel-like” buildings could, however, gain new value in the eyes of ordinary people through the risoprints.

Boróka brings a specific example for this: after her first two illustrations, one of her friends who is not engaged in the field of architecture recommended a building to her as a possible next that she was already planning to cover. “They connected buildings, and noticed their environment or looked at it from a new angle: to me this was a huge experience and feedback.”

The architectural risoprint series opened new doors to the graphic artist —her drawings are already available in four stores in Budapest. Go and follow Boróka’s on her Instagram page to learn more about her projects!

Boróka Felső | Instagram

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