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House with a terrace | beef architekti

The harmony of concrete, brick and timber combined with simple and airy geometric shapes: the clean and elegant solutions of the house designed by architecture studio beef architekti are prominent examples of Slovakian architecture.

The weekend house was built for an elderly couple in the outskirts of Bratislava, in the place of a former gardening colony. The character of the building was given by two terraces of completely different functions: one terrace, including the pool, is located on the sunny side of the house and is partially shaded by a concrete roof and wooden lamellas. The second is a piazza-like, colder summer terrace with a cherry tree, dominated by stone, concrete and brick. Both spaces are only a few steps away from the kitchen serving as the central element of the house, offering a view onto the other rooms of the building. 

Instead of the usual multi-level solution, the architects placed all functions on the same level in a logical arrangement: the rooms are barrier-free and follow the clean and minimalist lines of the house’s outside. The concept is completed by a simple, semi-transparent slat fence, which, when viewed from the street, gives an impression of the volume composition behind it.

Photos: Lenka Némethová, Peter Čintalan, Roman Dibarbora

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Source: ArchDaily

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