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Marcel Breuer’s brutalist building is being transformed into a hotel

Hungarian-born architect Marcel Breuer designed a brutalist building in Connecticut, which is now planned to be transformed into a hotel by a Bauhaus-fan architect and developer.

Marcel Breuer was first commissioned by the Armstrong Rubber Co., a tire manufacturer, to design the building, which was handed over in 1970. Later, it was bought by Pirelli in 1988, and in 2003, it became the property of IKEA but remained unused. Finally, in 2020, Connecticut-based developer Bruce Becker, who has been paying close attention to the building’s story for quite a while, purchased the lot. His current plan is to preserve the building’s excellent features and historical value while giving it a new function.

According to the plan, the building will be transformed into a modern hotel called Hotel Marcel, offering 165 rooms and operating based on sustainable solutions. The firm Dutch East Design is working on the project, and the hotel is expected to open in late 2021.

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