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This year’s Highlights of Hungary winners were announced

The team of Highlights of Hungary held this year’s unorthodox awards ceremony in the online space. 68,000 votes were cast for 55 candidates: the Hungarian Ambulance ended up winning with a sweeping majority.

The heroes of the Hungarian Ambulance—sparing no effort during the COVID-struck last year—inspired most of the voters, thus winning the main prize of two million forints.

The ambassadors of Highlights of Hungary could also choose a story to reward with two million forints. Their choice fell on Erika Gulácsi, an independent mayor who helped flourish Szalatnak, a small dead-end village in Hungary’s Baranya County. One of the surprises on the winners’ list was the Vas County Specialized Home, since this was the first social institution to win in the history of the award.

A total of ten stories were given awards out of the nominee list of fifty-five compiled by the ambassadors:

  1. Hungarian Ambulance
  2. ‘Nemakarokbeleszolni’ Instagram comedy group
  3. ‘Tanulom magam’ educational YouTube channel
  4. Örökbe Fogadok Egy Ovit! (I’ll Adopt a Kindergarten!) movement
  5. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi)
  6. Segítség.ma online medical database
  7. Pizza Manufaktura restaurant
  8. VATES
  9. Réel Chocolate
  10. Vas County Specialized Home

In addition to the main awards, many were bestowed special prizes: the special prize of Forbes went to the Eperfa toy brand, while the sustainability prize of KPMG went to the Heroes of Responsible Dining initiative. Glamour awarded the project of Hosszúlépés, Wonder Woman Budapest with the Glamour&Good special award, while Munch.hu received the family-friendly special award, bestowed by government officials responsible for Hungarian families.

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Photos: Géza Talabér

Source: press release

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